ASU Played to Win the Game, Come Up Short in Corvallis

The first three weeks of the Arizona State University season the defense looked prime to carry a true freshman quarterback to a bowl game. During this time, Arizona State University only permitted seven points per game, including the Michigan State University game. As a result of performing well, and being held to high expectations, ASU earned the number 21 ranked position demonstrating they are bowl eligible and capable.

At one point in the season, this Arizona State team earned five wins with only one loss. The regulations state for bowl eligible that a team only needs six wins. Currently, ASU has five wins and five losses and with the upcoming schedule they may not make a single bowl game. Since week three the Arizona State University defense has been a different story, through the last seven weeks the Arizona State Sun Devils have allowed 30.5 points per game! This previous match against the Oregon State Beavers will not change the fans perception of this woeful defense. The Sun Devils allowed 35 points during the matchup with theOregon State Beavers! James Johnson proved to be an extreme liability as he permitted three long passes to exude him which resulted in Oregon State earning three touchdowns.


Branden Aiyuk has been a savior for this Arizona State University team. Branden has been invited to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Senior Bowl and in the last two week has been dominant on special teams. Two games ago against University of Southern California Branden Aiyuk had a 97 yard kickoff return that led to a three yard touchdown and this week he had a 63 yard punt return touchdown to keep Arizona State University from falling even further behind.

Arizona State University vs. Oregon State Beavers was a very close shootout match with the final score of 35 to 34. Arizona State University made a very questionable two point conversion call that resulted in a broken play and thrown away. When Arizona State University needed to stop only one more play, Oregon State University Beavers quarterback Jake Luton made the wise move to test James Johnson one last time. Once Jake Luton threw the ball, James Johnson tackled the wide receiver too quickly and caused a pass interference call. This call resulted in the game concluding with Arizona State University losing one last opportunity for possession of the ball. 5dd1a6d6b1a22.image.jpg

In adding insult to injury, the Arizona State University Sun Devils conclude their season with the final two games opposing number six ranked Oregon Ducks and the long time rival University of Arizona. Even the most optimistic Arizona State University fans have reason to be pessimistic about this situation. It is unlikely that ASU will win the game against the Oregon Ducks, but even if by chance, ASU beats University of Arizona but does not beat the Ducks will that be enough to be in a bowl game?

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