Phoenix Suns Take Quote From Rocky “Everybody Can Change”

Who are the guys playing in the Phoenix Suns jersey’s in 2019? A joking question amongst analyst, a fanbase, and a league in the opening of the regular season.

A season that expectations were no where near the results of this exciting and surprising start in the first seven games.

This Suns team are indeed filled with new players in the jersey’s along with new coaches on the sidelines, but it’s more than just that where the drastic change started.

The change starts when the man on the top changed, as owner Robert Sarver has started to change his ways of how he ran his organization, and now allowing employees to simply do the job he is paying them to do.

Then of course hiring a coach that relates to changing his ways. Head Coach Monty Williams at the time of his hire said he and Robert sat down and admitted to each other they had done things the wrong way in the past.

This is how an organization gets a fresh start and this is the way culture is changed, from the top to the bottom.

Star Player Devin Booker has showed signs of major change, as he is getting to the point of learning how to trust his teammates and also change his thinking process to a team oriented goal rather than an individual one.

We saw that play out on the court in the home opener this season. As Booker was on the bench and a teammate had it going and coach looked to him to go back in, his response was a nod to leave the hot man on the floor. Thats a sign of growth and a start of how to be a superstar in this league, knowing how to lead men by example and thru unselfishness.

Devin has better help as well, acquisitions that will be like coaches on the floor and also in the locker room, Aaron Baynes, Frank Kaminsky, and Ricky Rubio so far have been stabilizers to a roster that had been on shaky ground for so many bad seasons.

It feels like 10 years they haven’t had a point guard, and one seasoned veteran gets plugged in and all is well.

There is no question that this is a new team all around, and they have put together something that looks like it can be sustained throughout a full season and can last through adversity.

The handling of adversity shows in how they have dealt with the suspension of their starting Center De’Andre Ayton, as they have responded by playing harder and hopefully this example will show the misguided youngster the way to be a professional.

The future is bright for this Suns team and a 5-2 start is not the end result of all this change, but its is a start to how the culture and the foundation will be going forward.

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