5 Takeaways from the Phoenix Suns After Five Games



1.) The Suns Have Legitimate Fire Power –  The Suns are averaging 117.2 points per game throughout the last five games.  Only once this year, The Suns have scored less than 100 points a game which happened to be against the Utah Jazz where they still scored 95 points.  Devin Booker is averaging 24.5 points per game, Kelly Oubre jr. is averaging 18.6 points per game, and Aaron Baynes is averaging 16.25 points per game the last four games.


2.) The Suns Have A Good Defense–  In addition to scoring 117.2 points per game, the Suns have only allowed 106 points per game.  The Suns have two games where they allowed less than 100 points in the game which occurred while playing the Utah Jazz and the Sacramento Kings.  The Phoenix Suns are currently averaging 8.8 steals per game and 37.8 defensive rebounds.


3.)The Suns Early Success Is Sustainable- The Suns playing schedule has started off as a very difficult one.  The Suns have competed against four teams that played in last year’s playoffs, one of those teams made it to the finals last year.  When competing against teams that were in the playoffs last year so far the Suns are .500 with a point differential of +17. If you add the victory against the Memphis Grizzlies, the point differential is +36 points.


4.) No Ayton, No Problem– Deandre Ayton was suspended after the first game for an astounding 25 games.  Before Ayton was suspended, the team recruited and signed Aaron Baynes to assist Ayton in developing into a better player.  Since Ayton is suspended, Baynes is experiencing more playing time and averaging 16.25 points per game with eight rebounds per game and becoming an intricate member of this team.


5.) The Suns Have Bought Into Monty Williams– Possibly the most important aspect to takeaway is that the Suns have bought into the Monty Williams philosophy of playing the game.  Monty Williams wants to shoot the ball quickly with high efficiency with a great defense. The Phoenix Suns team field goal percentage throughout the last 5 games has been 45% against the Warriors, 41% against the Jazz, 50% against the Clippers, 39.5% against the Nuggets, and 50% against the Kings.  They have only had one bad shooting performance which occurred while playing the Nuggets. Turns out the Nuggets had a great defensive game. 


The Phoenix Suns are not an anomaly by any means throughout the last five games.  Two nights ago, the Phoenix Suns scored 41 points in the first quarter alone against the Golden State Warriors.  The Suns they are showing up to compete against top level teams and fighting for a spot in the playoffs.


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