Should the Arizona Diamondbacks be kicking themselves

Game seven of the World Series concluded two nights ago and most fans will agree there is nothing in sports more entertaining than game 7.  The two starting pitchers were Zach Greinke for the Houston Astros and Max Scherzer for the Washington Nationals. There are some interesting statistics about these two pitchers.  

For starters, this was the first time in World Series history that two Cy Young award winners competed in a high stakes situation like a game seven experience as well as they were both pitches played for the Arizona Diamondbacks in recent history.  Scherzer played for the Diamondbacks in 2008 and 2009 then proceeded to leave the team before the 2010 season. Since leaving the Diamondbacks, Scherzer has become a three time Cy Young award winner and a seven time all star player.  

As most, Diamondback fans know, Zach Greinke was traded at the deadline this year to the Houston Astros for prospects Seth Beer as a first basemen, J.B. Bukauskas a pitcher, Corbin Martin a pitcher, and Josh Rojas an outfielder.  Zach and Max are not the only players that have played for the Diamondbacks. Throughout this 7 games series, there have been a combined ten players and managers that have participated in this great World Series event.  


Beginning with starting pitchers Max Scherzer, Zach Greinke, and Patrick Corbin; along with relief pitchers Daniel Hudson, Fernando Rodney, and Will Harris.  Remaining contributors are outfielders Gerardo Parra and Adam Eaton, followed by managers Chip Hale, Henry Blanco, and A.J. Hinch. All have made great contributions to this widely known game.

Congratulations to the Washington Nationals for winning the World Series!  Both ex- Diamondback pitchers pitched a great game with Scherzer pitching 5 innings and only allowing two runs as Greinke only allowing two runs in 6.1 innings two nights ago. After last night Diamondback fans have grown weary of witnessing their top performing players traded to major playoff teams and watching the Diamondbacks fall short in regular season games.  

The last time the Diamondbacks made a playoff appearance was 2017.  This occurred after overtaking the Colorado Rockies in the wild card game only to be swept by the Dodgers in the Division Series.  The last time the Diamondbacks won their Division Series was 2007 against the Chicago Cubs. Will the Diamondbacks finally turn it around and keep great players? Are we going to watch Ketel Marte get traded at next years deadline?

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