Arizona State University Limps Into Needed Bye Week

After the initial six games of the season, the Arizona State University Sun Devils had five wins and one loss and was ranked 17th in the league.  Over the last two weeks, the Sun Devils are currently unranked with five wins and three losses. This was going to be a more difficult matchup than the public thought; this was the first time this young ASU team had back to back away games. 

Traveling can be difficult on NFL players, and this was the first time ASU played after a devastating loss. Arizona State University lost this last week to the University of California Los Angeles with a final score of forty two to thirty two.  This UCLA team only earned two wins coming into the ASU game.  


Herm Edwards is a keen Coach for ASU and with this week being a bye, this is perfect timing for coach to pull together an action plan.  The last bye week for Arizona State University was during week six before the Washington State University matchup. If you don’t remember this game, ASU won after the bye week with a final score of thirty eight to thirty four.  After the bye week, fans could tell that the offensive line got better and the ASU Quarterback Jayden Daniels appeared to play with more confidence.   


After this bye week, Arizona State University will face University of Southern California In Arizona.  This team is currently an unranked college team with the same record as ASU with five wins and three losses. 

University of Southern California is averaging 29.5 points per game and relies heavily on a balanced high powered offense.  University of Southern California will play number 7 ranked Oregon Ducks this week in California allowing ASU to get some rest and conduct a game plan for USC.  This will prove to be a true test for Herm Edwards coaching ability. Fans are excited to witness the skills Herm Edwards has his team develop and enhance this week.

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