Not Your Ducks Chip Kelly


After a displeasing performance against the Utah Utes, Arizona State University is looking for a bounce back against the University of California in Los Angeles.  Chip Kelly is the coach for UCLA and they have experienced a tumultuous season so far. UCLA has two wins and five losses this year.

The win against Washington State University was one of the greatest comebacks in history by scoring fifty points in the second half.  During this game, UCLA was playing Washington State University resulting in a sixty-seven to sixty-three win. The more recent victory occurred last week, in Stanford California, resulting in a thirty-four to sixteen win. Even though UCLA has not proven themselves to be an exemplar team, ASU hasn’t experienced two variables until this week: Back to back games on the road accompanied by a humiliating loss.  As a result, the Utah Utes boldly demonstrated the possibility of being the best team in the Pac-12 by defeating ASU last week twenty one to three.  


This upcoming game eight matchup will be a slow paced game; which is perfect for Arizona State University.  UCLA is averaging thirty-nine rush attempts a game and twenty pass attempts a game. Arizona State University can use the slow pace to their advantage since ASU wants to establish the run and take pressure off true freshman Jayden Daniels.  There are still many lingering questions that fans have for this Arizona State University defense that can be answered during the ASU vs. UCLA game.

Many fans have been left wondering about the defense? The first three games ASU only permitted seven points a game demonstrating they were a possible top 20 defense.  Within the last four games, Arizona State University has given up 26.5 points a game. This includes game events where ASU permitted thirty-four points to both Washington State University and Colorado. Hopefully Arizona State University can win this upcoming game, get back on track as a team, and slide into their bye week on a good note.


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