ASU Football Win in a Tight Shootout in the Valley of the Sun

Coming into their sixth game of the season off a bye week the Arizona State Sun Devils were home to WSU, in a game that would be a shootout of offense and sparingly important defense throughout.

After a bye week some teams can get flat and open the game not completely ready for what will hit them early, and that seemed to be the case on the first drives by both offense and defense for the Devils.

This was a dangerous game for the Devils coming off a bye week, facing a team that was playing for their pride after a very harsh verbal assault on their manhood by their own Head Coach Mike Leach.

The Sun Devils found themselves down 10-0 early and managed to hold off the Cougars from increasing the lead to a three possession lead.

The young freshman quarterback Jayden Daniels after starting the game slow began to pick it up and get comfortable in how the Cougars defense was playing him. 

The young Daniels launched a high hanging touchdown bomb to receiver Brandon Aiyuk , that the first of his three scores on the day and finishing with star studded numbers 7 rec 197 yards and 3 huge touchdowns.

Brandon Aiyuk has very well taken over the void left by now NFL player and star at ASU N’keal Harry, Aiyuk has seized the moments to show off his run after the catch talent and scoring from anywhere ability.

Big play scores happen when Brandon has the ball, in the first half taking a short slant 86 yards to the house and outrunning the defense.

Aiyuk scores on 33, 40, and the big 86 yards all electric style touchdowns, this kid will also be playing on Sunday if he keeps this up.

There was a time that the Cougars looked unstoppable on offense but the Sun Devil defense got their feet under them to stop the bleeding at 17-7 and did not allow the lead to get bigger than 10.

Going into the half after key stop the Devils had opportunity to take the lead going in, but were unable to capitalize and settled for a tie at the half 17-17.

Key play of the game was the the fumble that was later called out of bounds after wide receiver Kelly Jordan number was hit on a screen and dropped the ball but the Cougars defender had his foot touching the white lines and it was rules out of bounds.

That turned the tide into ASU’s favor, taking the lead 24-17 on that same drive and it would go back and forth the rest of the way.

Running-back Eno Benjamin was held to 35 yards at the half, and Head Coach Herm Edward made it clear he would try and establish the great back in the second half.

The coaching adjustment was simply to turn and hand the ball to Eno, and he lifted this team as his third quarter touchdown run of 32 yards down the middle of the Cougars defense untouched.

Benjamin would finish the game with 19 carries for 137 yards and that touchdown.

But the real heroics would come in the final two drives of the game for the Sun Devils, one on defense first and the other on offense.

The ASU defense lead by their leading tackler on the day with 11 solo tackles cornerback Jack Jones, stopped the Cougars from scoring and forced a field goal that made the score 34-31 WSU.

The offense final drive was a great drive by the young Freshman Jayden Daniels, who fired balls all over the field all day hitting eight different receivers.

The last drive he showed why he was giving the starters position at the beginning of the season being a true Freshman, the young kid took off from the Cougars 17 yard line and at the goal line was launched up into the air by defenders and landed in the end zone for the go ahead and winning score.

ASU wins the game 38-34 and after the game coach Herm Edwards was quoted saying about Jayden “ I tell him to go be Jayden, cause that’s what he does, just be Jayden” Herm smiling in the press room and proud of his young quarterback growing right before his eyes.

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