Jason Kelly New ASU Pitching Coach

During the offseason, the Arizona State University baseball organization signed a new pitching coach.  This happened after making the playoffs and falling short to Southern Mississippi with twelve to thirteen last year. Last season,  ASU had some of the hottest bats in baseball starting the season with twenty five wins and one loss, however, the pitching performance late in the season was their biggest issue.

Their earned run average was 4.93 which ranked them 144th in college standing.  This yea, ASU will retain their big sluggers as well as add one of the greatest pitching recruiters and coaches ever.


Jason Kelly has been the assistant pitching coach for the University of Washington for the last 7 years.  Between 2000 and 2012, University of Washington made the playoffs 3 times. Once Jason Kelly joined the team in 2013, the University of Washington made the playoffs 3 times in just 7 years including 2018 when they made the College World Series.   Last year, Jason Kelly’s staff broke a program record by having 5 different pitchers with over 50 strikeouts along with one pitcher with over 100 strikeouts! In 2018, Kelly also coached the first perfect game in Husky history.

This was achieved with an  84 pitch performance with Demers who was later drafted in the 11th round pick. Speaking of draft pedigree, Kelly has mentored 15 pitchers that have been drafted into the MLB since 2013. Seven of these individuals were in the top selection of the first 15 rounds.  In 2014, Jason Kelly instructed Davis, the star pitcher of the team, to pitch a 1.6 earned run average on the season. I hold high hopes for this ASU team in the future. There is a possibility of a World Series run coming up.


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