Arizona Cardinals Offense, not what’s Promised 4 Games In

We are 4 games into the season, in other words, we are a quarter of the way through this season.  The Arizona Cardinals new “improved” offense that was highly touted before the season started and has not come through to fruition. 

Kyler Murray is ranked 3rd in attempts yet 13th in total pass yards, 18th in QBR, 22nd in accuracy out of QBs with more than 40 pass attempts, he is tied for 23rd in touchdowns, 6th in interceptions with 4 touchdowns as well as 4 interceptions.

Arizona has led with a grand total of 0 seconds this year, which for the record, the Miami Dolphins have led for more than 0 seconds in a game and their point differential is -137! This year, the Cardinals are currently 0-3-1 after losing devastatingly to the Seahawks in a division game with a final score of 10-27. 

So far, David Johnson has generated a measly total of 355 yards with only 47 rushing attempts which makes the Cardinals ranked 27th in rushing attempts. This upcoming week for the Cardinals will be their best opportunity for winning a game over the next three weeks as they face the 0 wins and 4 losses Cincinnati Bengals.




The Bengals played lousy on Monday night facing the Steelers as the offensive line allowed Dalton to get sacked 8 times and the Bengals offense only scored 3 points themselves. Overall, my stance regarding the Cardinals remains as bleak as it was during pre-season.  Looks like another high draft pick in 2020!


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