Phoenix Suns Optimistic at Media Day

Phoenix Suns Media Day


I will be honest, before media day, I had very low hopes and expectations for the Suns organization.  However, after talking to Monty Williams and James Jones for 30 minutes at this event, I have a little more adoration for the Suns future.  James Jones had no problem admitting that he had never given the Suns players a real shot at success. Jones divulged that he spread Devin Booker way too thin last year by asking him to carry many heavy burdens for the team.  During this media session, I quickly learned that James Jones has a great sense of humor. When asked about Ricky Rubio’s accomplishemnt in winning the FIBA; James Jones replied, “I feel geeked. It made me look good.” I was astonished by Monyty Williams display of  understanding, given the situation for this current team, when Monty responded to a reporter’s question regarding Devin Booker past 5 coaches in the least 5 years. The coaches response demonstrated a value in relationships and integrity to hold a team together. As the reporter inquired about Devin Booker’s level of trust towards him; coach replied, “Booker doesn’t have to trust me right now, that happens over time.”  Monty Williams stated that he expects this team to move at a faster pace, be more entertaining, as well as more efficient on the court than last year. This is a classic textbook response; however, with this new roster I believe coach.  


The Suns added Cameron Johnson as pick 10 this year and he is regarded as the best shooter in the draft.  When asked if he and Devin Booker had a shooting contest his response was, “It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s going to be exciting.”  The fact that Cameron Johnson is up for a good, old fashioned shooting contest just might be my favorite part about him. I appreciate that he won’t back down from competition, that is a great sign.


One of the most underrated moves of the off season was adding Jevon Carter.  He is one of my favorite players from college who played for Bob Huggins at West Virginia University.  Jevon Carter was the leader of one of the greatest defenses in the NCAA all four years of his collegiate career.  He will bring a better sense of defense and team dynamic to the Suns this year.


The Suns team chemistry seems to be exceptional considering they are a new team. I witnessed Tyler Johnson attempting to make a player laugh during the media interviews.  I also learned more about the time players spent together to develop a good, solid team dynamic. It turns out, the players participated in several games together over the summer months.  This is truly a testament to the love of the game and value given to building a strong foundation as players are not obligated to network during the summer and they chose to work on team chemistry.


Possibly my favorite aspect stemming from media day was watching the players rock their new jerseys!  The jerseys are encompassed with the bright Suns orange and embellished with the classic Suns blue. I do believe, these jerseys are the best looking jerseys in the Sun’s history.  Hopefully, with this new look, we will see the best Suns team in recent history.


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