ASU Sun Devils Review of Win in Berkeley

ASU Week 5 Review:  Defense is Back!


After a bad defensive performance, at home vs. Colorado, Arizona State University went on the road to face the number 15 ranked team in the country, the California State Bears.  The Bears won in a tough 24-17 battle that night. The defensive showcase was expected from fans; however, Merlin Robertson’s performance stood above his teammates. Merlin led the tough ASU defense with 11 tackles and half a sack.  Arizona State University only allowed 245 yards total! In addition to only allowing 245 yards, ASU got one interception in the endzone to save themselves from allowing another touchdown.


While the ASU defense is very solid, there are still some problematic words to be shared about the offense.  The offense looks like the NFL 20 years ago with the “run the ball up the middle 30 times and punch the defense in the mouth” strategy.  Jayden Daniels had an uninspiring 14 completions and 24 attempts for 174 yards total. In addition, Eno Benjamin had 29 attempts for only 100 yards; however, his night was redeemed as he scored 3 touchdowns and now holding a statistic with 23 career rushing touchdowns.  The ASU offensive line has not improved since week 1; this is highly concerning!! By the end of the first half, Eno Benjamin had been hit behind the line 70 percent of team plays! California Golden Bears had 2 sacks and 7 tackles loss of yards. I struggled with the possibility of poor play calling, in turn, allowing the defense to easily anticipate the next play; or simply put, bad line play.


There is great news for ASU!  After a great 4-1 start to the season, they are now on a bye week and can adequately prepare for Washington State University to come to town.  Within the last two weeks, WSU has lost to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) after giving up 50 points in the second half of the game resulting in a loss to the Utah Utes 38-13.  This is a very winnable matchup coming off the bye week.


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