Trent Williams Worth Arizona Cardinals 1st Round Pick ?

Since 2015 the Cardinals have drafted 9 offensive linemen. Currently the Cardinals offensive line is ranked dead last by Pro Football Focus. Unfortunately, Trent Williams; a 7 time pro bowl left tackle at the age of 31, is declining to play with the Washington Redskins due to a medical issue that was misdiagnosed.   It is rare for an offensive linemen of Trent Williams caliber to travel through the trading block, which turns out to be timely as the Cardinals have a need for a left tackle. The Cardinals have proven repeatedly that the staff does not evaluate and develop offensive line talent well, and now Trent Williams is on the trade block and he is the closest bet to a sure thing right now in the NFL.


           Last year the Cardinals allowed 52 sacks and 109 hits to the QB while running the least amount of plays in the NFL.  The offensive line this year is much healthier and trying to take a step forward; however, the line will still remain a liability once again this year.  The Cardinals offensive line needs a key player that will make a difference. It turns out that key player is on the trading block.


This year the Cardinals have a new QB, Kyler Murray.  Historically, rookie QB’s hold the ball longer meaning the line needs to adjust and afford more time.  My outlook on the Cardinals this year is, if the Cardinals don’t add Trent Williams, the team might win only 3 or 4 games, meaning a first round pick will be a top 4 pick in the NFL and with a rookie QB 2 years in a row the Cardinals don’t need another rookie QB, this team will need a left tackle anyways to protect the rookie QB.  With Trent Williams the Cardinals could win 5 maybe 6 games allowing the Cardinals to receive a top 7 pick in the NFL and there is no way the Redskins can say no to receiving a top 7 pick in the 2020 draft. If the Cardinals are lucky with their first round pick they could get a player as talented as Trent Williams. Why not go for the sure thing instead of a gamble?

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