Arizona State Sun Devils Building Respect

Mitchell’s Week 3 ASU Review

Arizona State University football team is ranked 24th after their victory against Michigan State in East Lancing this week.  Sun Devils won 10-7 last Saturday in a defensive match. MSU was able to hold ASU to only 216 yards which is proof they have an outdated, constipated offense. Daniels threw 15 of 26 for 140 yards. Benjamin had 11 carries for 38 yards with no thanks to the offensive line. The offensive line allowed 7 tackles for a loss and 4 sacks but they did squeak out a win after MSU missed 3 field goals.  Now let’s look at the bright side!

          The bright side to this season is that ASU bend don’t break defense.  In week 1, Sacramento State scored 77 points and had 685 yards. When Sacramento came to ASU in week 2, Sacramento State only had 7 points and a total of 305 yards.  In week 2, MSU scored 51 points and had 581 yards accompanied by week 3 where they played against ASU and only had 7 points with 404 yards. The ASU defense has proven to be a top tier defense; however I am worried about the offense in next week’s game.


Next week ASU takes on the Colorado Buffaloes and they are notoriously a sneaky good team. Colorado may currently be unranked; but Colorado is 2-1 this season and they play very tough.  Colorado has averaged over 36 points per game so ASU needs to get their offense and offensive line together or this game or it could be more difficult than we want it to be. With the help of that ASU defense I predict an ASU win 20 to Colorado 14.

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