Arizona State Sun Devils Week Two Game After Thoughts


Mitchell’s Week 2 Recap


Arizona State University football team had a rough awakening Friday night in a game against Sacramento State.  The Devils pulled off a sloppy 19-7 win over Sacramento State but showed some blatant weaknesses, mainly the offensive line.  Virtually every time freshman quarterback Jayden Daniels dropped back to pass the ball, he was immediately under pressure which wasn’t even the worst part.  The Offensive line affected the running game very negatively with Eno Benjamin getting tackled behind the line 9 times. Benjamin is a great running back and has proven this through previous games; however, in this game he only had 24 carries for 69 yards.


          Head Coach Herm Edwards attempt at play calling was very uninspiring, there were many runs up the middle in situations where the defense anticipated ASU was going to run up the middle.  In fact, at one point the fans started booing coach Edwards due to his lack of offense and creativity.


In all fairness, there were some bright moments in the ASU game.  Eno Benjamin had 4 catches for 94 yards with one being a 72 yard catch for a touchdown.  Brandon Aiyuk had 4 catches for 98 yards. Daniels threw over a 60 yard touchdown in the 3rd quarter that was called back from a blindside block: Nolan Matthews also had a potential touchdown until he fumbled the ball at the 1 inch line which Sacramento State picked the ball up taking a total of 14 points off the board. Sacramento State achieved a total of 685 yards of offense and 77 points in week 1, and this last week that went down to 305 and 7 points. If the Sun Devils defence can tackle and swarm the ball like they did in week 2 against ranked 18 Michigan State,  they still could have a shot at winning but still a longshot.


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