Incorrect Math on Arizona Cardinals 2019 Season

Something just don’t add up

The article for the 5 Bold predictions concerning the Arizona Cardinals by CBS Sports said they were building something special in the desert, but the math at the end having them finish 3-13 just did not seem to add up to the predicted production.

In case you haven’t read it. CBS says

*Kyler Murray will have a similar year as Baker Mayfield did last year.

*David Johnson leads NFL in yards from scrimmage.

*Larry Fitzgerald will have double digit touchdowns. 

*Then the bomb shell of the trade of Patrick Peterson.


All equaling to a 3-13 finish in 2019.   

It seems like the wrong numbers were punched into the calculator while adding all this up, and perhaps the entire math equation wasn’t correctly worked through.

Those accomplishments are the accomplishments of a playoff team or at least a winning team and here’s why.

If Kyler Murray is going to have a season similar to that of Baker Mayfield by the numbers, not to mention (Kyler will probably have more rush yards being more athletic) but let’s just stick to the exact numbers. If that is the case, then the Cardinals should have a similar record as the Browns did last year as well. Cleveland was coming off a 0-16 season the year before, and Mayfield’s numbers got them a 7-8-1record the following year. So how do the same numbers yield one a losing season another at least a winning mark.  

David Johnson will lead the NFL in yards from scrimmage. 

If that be the case, last year the leader in that category was Ezekiel Elliot.  What was the result of his accomplishment? Leading rusher,MVP candidate, winning record, and a playoff run. Thats what the leader of yards from scrimmage did last year.

Elliot had 2001 total yards from scrimmage being the Cowboys focal point, so Johnson would have to be some where in that area numbers wise this year being the leader, even over Elliott this year. That would also mean that he will be better than Todd Gurley of the LA Rams, as last year Gurley was second in total yards and of course found himself in a Super Bowl.

Point being, guys with those types of numbers are usually on playoff teams. 

Larry Fitzgerald will get double digit touchdowns, this was probably predicted because of where he is positioned in the new offense. (Slot)

Last year the leader in TD’s was Antonio Brown with 15, but taking the low end of double digits would give Fitzgerald at least ten. In 2018 there were a few wideouts that accomplished 10 touchdowns in a season.

Deandre Hopkins had 11 and he is arguably the best receiver in the game, and yes, he also was on a playoff team.

The Chargers Mike Williams and Seahawks Tyler Lockett not even number one receivers on their respected teams both had 10 TD’s last season. Both were also on Playoff teams with that kind of production.

Even the great Travis Kelsey in a similar offense had 10 touchdowns and a playoff run that ended in the AFC Championship game.

As you can see 3-13 can’t remotely be mathematically possible with that kind of production from so many guys on the same team.

The predicted trade of Patrick Peterson: 

At first I thought without Patrick Peterson they would certainly match up to a losing 3-13 season, but wait a minute.

The Cleveland Browns did the exact same thing trading away their number one lock down corner in Joe Hayden before last year, and they had the year they had the following season with Mayfield. So it’s possible to not be a playoff team in this case, but it’s still not possible to only win 3 games with that kind of success on the team even without your lockdown corner.

Your looking at potentially with CBS’s predictions 

Kyler Murray-rookie of the year

David Johnson-MVP candidate

Larry Fitzgerald- looking youthful scoring double digit touchdowns since he last did it in 2013. Mind you, the Cards had a new coach and new QB then with BA and Carson and finished 10-6, and a playoff team the last time Fitz was that productive. Its starting to seem impossible to finish 3-13 with that kind of production on one team.

The math don’t add up, last I checked 2 plus 2 has always been 4, and multiple productive players on the same team always equal a winning team at worst and at best a playoff team. Good write CBS but like my math teacher used to tell me, “you didn’t show your work in breaking down this equation”.

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