Center of Attention Not New for Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray

The highly anticipated debut of the number one over-all draft pick of the Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray has come and gone, and I must say it is clear that the young talented signal caller is worth all of the hype and more.

After his performance on his only drive that started from his on two yard line, he left the nation including himself wanting more. After the game in an interview Murray said “I definitely was itching for more” as he was told by his Head Coach twice “we’re done” said Murray after the game.

But the performance left us all exactly where Kyler was in wanting more, but thanks to his fellow rookie Keashon Johnson stepping out of bounds and coming back in to make a catch drawing a penalty we all were left hanging. Murray’s only drive came to an end shortly after that on a miscommunication snap count causing a quick sack, and even that was exciting as the small in stature QB avoided the big hit getting down without contact.

Murray finished 6/7 for 44 yards and for the first time in a while the Cardinals offense looked fluid during its operation, not having that inept feeling of last years debacle.

I heard the entire stadium let out a giant cheer as Murray made his way onto the field for his first action as a pro, and you could sense the anticipation and the wanting of a successful leader to bring hope that their teams future is promising.

Every move the young kid made was near perfect as he made great decisions with the ball and did an excellent job in surveying the field going through progressions moving the defense with his eyes as his feet hopped around in the pocket.

Kyler was like a bomb getting ready to explode until the drive came to an end and his Head coach stopped the timer before it could ignite. Next week it gets reignited against the Oakland Raiders, and the word going around from Murray and the coaching staff is that the starters get a little more work in this game. So that explosive play is bound to happen with this kid with his history of making big plays when he is on the field.

After that short period of preseason action its hard to hold back the praise and anointing him the next big super star in the league, seeing the defense was very vanilla and the offense the Cardinals were running was all basic.

The Cardinals have not had this much hype and anticipation for a drafted quarterback since Matt Leinart, but the ability of Kyler Murray with his legs and arm talent it will reach an all time high of hype and eventually cover up the short lived Leinart hype.

Looking forward to see how the young rookie handles adversity during the season, he was asked that question during the press conference an he laughed and said “on a loss I don’t think I could even go talk to other teams after the game” the kid has won 50 plus games in his young career and coming to a losing team doesn’t change his outlook how he approaches games. 

It is refreshing to see the State of Arizona be the center of the hype around the nation, but in Kyler’s case that is not anything new. The kid has always been the center of attention and like he did in high school and college all he does is shine through it all. 

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