Arizona Cardinals Realistic 2019 Record Prediction

Many predict the Arizona Cardinals the worst in the league for a second straight year, while others have them improved but still last in the NFC West Division.

So Kazual Sportz will get in on this and try to make a better and more realistic claim based on what we have seen so far this off-season.

We have the Redbirds improving their win total from three to seven, therefor a highly improved 7-9 record will make Coach Kliff Kingsbury and rookie quarterback Kyler Murray look like the saviors they were obtained to be.

2019 schedule

Here is how we break down those seven wins.

First: On Paper

There is no doubt that this is an improved team on paper adding veteran players and coaches, in my opinion those off-season moves would automatically make them better than last years 3-13 record. So we gave the team 4 wins just from being a better team.

Those four wins on the schedule would be the Lions, Bengals, Giants, and at home against the 49ers. I look at this and see that it is highly possible this Cards team is better than those four teams, so where will the other 3 wins come from? lets see.

Second: The Division

It is most likely that this years team will record at least 1 divisional win on the road, and since we have the 49ers already as one win at home, we are choosing them again for that division road win.

Now that would mean a sweep of the 49ers this season because I don’t think a win in Seattle or LA is possible, being that those two games are deep in the season and those teams could most likely be in a playoff run battling for the division. So that brings the win total up to five.

Third: Unknown Factor

The Unknown factor will come into play this season, meaning at least one team on the schedule will over-look the Cardinals and get beat.

This most likely will happen on the road early in the season when teams are feeling each other out, and this is certainly the case for a new look offense making its debut in the NFL for the first time. Usually early success happens in these situations with new high octane passing offenses, so looking at the schedule early that means our sleeping victim is the Ravens game week 2 bringing our win total to six games.

Finally: The Kyler Dynamic

Last year throughout camp and the regular season the Cardinals were waiting for a signature game from its first round rookie Josh Rosen, and it never transpired the entire season. Not one game that would make one say “there is our future” instead after one season he is gone. Kyler Murray and the high expectations to “ignite this offense” as said by GM Steve Keim on Draft night, are on display to remove that sour taste of last year out of the teams collective mouth.

Kyler Murray during the Red and White scrimmage

This young exciting number one overall draft pick could be the next big and exciting thing at quarterback since Micheal Vick. Murray’s dynamic run speed, cannon arm, weapons he has, and his knowledge of the system he is operating will translate to at least one big monster game where he shows he is the future and almost wins this game by himself.

Most likely this is a home game and against an opponent that will probably hype Kyler up to play against, one who is also a dynamic play maker with his legs in Cam Newton and the Panthers.

This brings us to our prediction of seven wins and looking at the schedule closely, this is probably the most realistic of all predictions. I could have made it 8 wins considering that Buccaneers match -up with former Head Coach Bruce Arians, but that is a Buccs home game and nothing would please BA more than to beat his old team with his new crowed support behind him.

According to our prediction, the Cardinals will have a great start to the season going 7-4 in their first 11 games. Then they will commence to finish the season on a five game losing streak, twice to the Rams, then Steelers, Browns, and at Seattle.

But of course the games are played on the field with the outcome unknown, but one thing I do know is this years Arizona Cardinals will not be the worse team in the league again.

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