Can the Arizona Cardinals Be the Next Worst-to-First

New season brings new predictions and new predictions of  the Arizona Cardinals up coming season is hard to predict based on last years 3-13 team. The Cardinals are nothing of that team of 2018 so why are the rankings listing them as the absolute worse team going into 2019 season.

That would seem unfair to me when every team is being judge on paper at the beginning of the season. 

When a winning team goes into the off-season usually they only add and taken away a few pieces of their roster and its easier to predict them as a winning team the following season, but when the worse team goes into its off-season and revamps and overhaul its entire roster and coaching staff, it would be unfair to predict them the worse as they are a completely different team. 

This is the case for the new look and newly revamped Arizona Cardinals under new Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury.

An entirely new staff of coaches and players (with the exception of a few players remained) that on paper are far better than that dreadful team of 2018 without even playing a game. This Redbirds team after its first week of training camp has much to be optimistic about.

So what are the expectations for the worse team in the league coming into the next season with so many new pieces and components, we are going to get the first taste of the new look Cardinals this Thursday night in its first live game action in a preseason match up with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Although meaningless in the standings, it sure isn’t meaningless to the new players and coaches ready and eager to prove they are not the worse team in the league this season.

The NFL has had many instances where worse has become first, and first has become last, this 2019 season for the Arizona Cardinals and its new look roster on paper looks like it has the pieces to make the jump to the top rankings.

All this teams success hinges on a new offensive system coming from the college ranks and the big question is can it sustain itself for an entire season.

New passing offenses entering the NFL for the first time the likes of Steve Spurrier and Chip Kelly always start fast and look unstoppable early, but after half a season they flame out becoming predictable.

This becoming of the Kingsbury’s offense remains to be seen. 

There is one difference from Kingsbury air-raid offense than the others that have failed, this version of the air-raid is not the same as the one well known around College football created by Mike Leach. 

Kingsbury said in an interview after taking the job that his air-raid is not like Leach’s throwing the ball 60 times a game, but it will be balanced with a running attack and that in my opinion will make it sustainable in the NFL.

So predictions of the worse team in the league are usually not that high, but one thing is for certain, this Cardinals team is getting national attention and that means something exciting could jump off. 

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