Arizona Cardinals expectations in Training Camp

Arizona Cardinals training camp starts soon and there are many questions to be answered, after a disappointing 3-13 season through last years campaign.

The team has completely over hauled its roster. Although many critics have them finishing at the bottom of the NFL, they cannot be judged based on last years roster.

After last years disaster season the Cardinals just as well would like that season to be vanished from the record books. In fact, the teams overhaul having only a few players that were on that team and no coaches from that regime, it would be wrong to make a prediction base on a totally new team.

So we’ll judge them based on facts:

The Cards have rookies at key positions, and that will bring a low expectation. One of those rookies is Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury and the jury is out on how a college coach and his college system will translate to the NFL.

Kingsbury and the air-raid offense will be on a microscope throughout training camp and pre-season, critical to his success is the performance of the kid he drafted to run his system.

Rookie starting quarterback Kyler Murray is with no question the key to all of this operation matching what’s in Kingsbury’s head on the field.

All eyes are on this kid complete with all the pressure, it will be interesting to see if Murray can ride with all the expectations. It is very helpful that he comes into camp having known the offense better than any of the players on the squad including the veterans.

What will be his ceiling for progress? 

Is it a few more wins, is it just being in close games, or having a few signature moments that would give the organization comfort in their choice with the number one overall pick.

Not many rookies come in the league and just rip up the league right out of the gate, especially at the quarterback position. 

The gage to see progress will be the offense and can they move the ball and execute for more than one drive a game, and put more than 20 points on the board. 

The offensive line will be the key to all of this working or failing, and the center position starter is still unknown. But having two capable candidates fight it out n camp is never a bad thing.

The running element of Murray will be exciting for the first half of the season until defensive coordinators get a beed on his tendencies. After that can he stand in the pocket and make all of his teammates in this offense better.

The biggest question for the RedBirds at camp is how much will coach Kingsbury show of his offense, and will he put it out on the filed during pre-season? I would imagine if this is your offense you should be practicing it live in games to get comfortable running it. The last thing this team needs is another lethargic start on offense as they were with last years team.

Overall its exciting for camp to see how it all comes together and if this team is as improved as they look on paper. 

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