Phoenix Suns Trapped in a Division of Max Players

For several years the Phoenix Suns have been trying to figure out how to get themselves from the bottom of the Western Conference, and so far almost every effort has failed with the exception of Devon Booker and the jury being out on De’Andre Ayton.

The 2019 off season has been a world wind of change, and the West Pacific Division has gotten so strong the question is will the Suns go another five plus years at the bottom of the division.

Super stars are packed in the Pacific division, Lakers, Clippers, and Warriors all have two max players and several at one point all-stars, the up and coming Sacramento Kings look to be several steps ahead in their building process to a competing team. The Pacific division just got that much more difficult for the Suns to make up any ground because of their off-season strategy.

The Suns off season was all about getting the problem of point guard solved, and in the course of pursuing that one issue they may have missed out on opportunity to actually make up ground in their division.

There were free agent opportunities that seemed like perfect fits that could have made them relevant in competing for not finishing last in the Pacific division. Turning up their nose to a De’Angelo Russell signing and could have added Julius Randall, both players expressed great interest in being part of the Suns and management didn’t see neither as good fits.

The new regime apparently has a plan but that plan cant change the situation in one year, now the Pacific division is star packed leaving the Suns the bottom feeder for at least a few more years.

Seeing the Suns do not sign the big names in free agency, the only chance they have to get out of the proverbial hole they are in is the development of both Booker and Ayton translating into super stars, therefore giving Phoenix their own two max players for the future.

Can they keep Booker in town long enough for that to actually take place, and can Ayton change into a beast on the court and be dominant on both ends, if these do not start to take place then look for the Suns to lose many western conference games and be in that lottery over and over again.

The other four teams in the Pacific have indeed gotten stronger and the Sun 3-13 record in the division last year can only get worse, as the Kings are the only team that they have any chance to catch on a bad day. 

Sixteen games in the division could easily be 16 losses, not to mention the rest of the West. It’s going to be another tough ride for Suns nation, they simply don’t have the talent of the teams in their division and the step toward a winning season will feel like it didn’t get taken this off-season.

Thats how good the Pacific Division is for 2019-2020.

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