Suns with One More Crucial Move to Complete Overhaul

After all the moves this summer you look up and the Phoenix Suns are a new team filled with new faces, but the biggest question is the final piece that they have already established for 40 games last season, Kelly Oubre Jr.

When contracts are at an all time high, the likes of three billion in signings this off season, Oubre is waiting to get his peice of the pie.

The longer you wait in free agency the more the mega dollar amounts start to decline. That may not be the case for Oubre Jr. as it seems his camp may be waiting for the key signing of free agent super star Kwahi Leonard.

That signing could leave two teams in contention to take the next best thing and over pay for Oubre’s services, as the remaining teams would have major cap space still available after losing out on the big fish.

Suns are in the drivers seat with keeping Oubre, as the trade of wingman Josh Jackson shows how aggressive the team will be in retaining Kelly Oubre freeing up the cap space to match any deal that should come their way.

It would appear that Oubre will be a Phoenix Sun, but at what cost is the question. Has he done enough to get that big payoff? The better question is Why hasn’t there been any teams make him an offer when free agency opened? thats a clear sign his value may not be as high as he would like to think.

This is simply a smart business move on the part of the Oubre camp, to try and get as much as they can, using the Kawhi Leonard situation as leverage to bait these three teams into a desperate move by over paying because they have the money.

Should those remaining teams stay put and have that money roll over for next year, the question after that is how valuable was Oubre in the Suns eyes? in other words, I wonder what that qualifying offer is, and is it a number that will satisfy Oubre’s camp.

Or could this be the start of a holdout that would delay the growth of the chemistry on the court with Devon Booker and D’Andre Ayton.

This is the piece that GM James Jones and company have to have to continue the success they had the last 20 or so games of the season. The hardest thing to grow in a team sport is chemistry, and with all of the new faces built around Booker and Ayton, having a third guy that has established his niche in playing with the teams two up and coming stars is vital to changing things around.

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