Fans Show Great Disappointment from Suns Draft Day

There is an old saying ” give one silver and they ask for gold” that is the case with the fans and media of the Phoenix Suns after their draft tragedy last week.

The leadership of the Suns new regime lead by now newly hired as GM James Jones, new Head Coach Monty Williams, along with advisor Jeff Bowers, and the taking on a new resolution to stay out of the way owner Robert Sarver.

All have some part in the direction of the Suns for 2019 and forward. As Rome was not built in one day, we as fans have to understand that a new regime has to have the chance to start from scratch and mold the team in its own image and not plaster holes and repair an old one.

The fact that the Suns traded away the 6 over-all pick before the Draft even began is a tell sign that the team has a plan in place and are sticking with it.

The beef the fans and media continue to relay is the absence of a true point guard, but in respect to the new regime I am sure they are aware of this situation, as they knew as the Draft got started they had a chance to take a future point guard at number 6.

But passed on the opportunity and I believe they did this because they have something brewing in their back pockets.

Not only that, the organization was also said to shy away from adding more young players that need two to three years grooming coming out of College at the age of 18 and 19. The Suns seem to be after two key components and its evident by their Draft day activity.

Shooting and toughness.

These are the components that made up Now GM James Jones teams he was a part of when he won Championships with the Cavs and Heat. As a GM and architect of his own team, its evident he will build his champion the only way he has experienced and learned under great coaches and GM’s of those teams.

The Suns seem to be building a Cavs/Heat like culture, and that doesn’t happen over night. With the obvious problem of no point guard and new Head Coaches after one year has been going on way too long its understandable why fans are frustrated.

But the new regime should get equal opportunity to have their own stamp on their team, and this is where we are today, starting over again with new minds controlling the head.

Change has happened, but results may still take more time.

Cam Johnson was taken as the 11th over all pick for the Suns after trading away the 6 pick to Minnesota. The Suns return of Dario Sarric seems to help in building the toughness culture, along with the trade with the Celtics to aquirre even tougher forward Aaron Baynes.

The moves suggest that the Suns are again sticking to their guns and getting a young ready to play right away knock down shooter in Johnson, whom at UNC was the leading three point shooter with a whopping shooting percentage of 46.6 percent.

The great Steph Curry out of Davidson was shooting 41.7 and Klay Thompson around the same at 41 percent. Both of these great shooters are the leagues best and their current three point shooting percentages are close to that of Cam Johnson coming out of College.

This kid has great shooting form and will be the next great shooter in the league, helping to spread the floor and make Booker and Ayton’s jobs a little easier, and Johnson is ready to do that right out of the gate.

We as the media and fans complained all year long we don’t need more young players, and when the Suns did not go young we all complained and scoffed at their Draft and even graded it out in the low D’s and Fail categories. Never satisfied, Suns gave us silver and we want gold and we want it now.

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