Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray Ready to Win at the Highest Level

Kyler Murray is the new face of the Arizona Cardinals without playing a down yet, and plays like this one against high powered Alabama make your eyes bulge out in wondering did you actually see what you just saw.

Murray is a very talented passer and even more dangerous runner, and expectations are high for his rescuing the Cardinals from pathetic land and delivering them to high powered territory.

Looking at the play below watch the pin point accuracy of this pass while on the run, it’s unbelievable. 

One can determine a great player by how he or she responds to adversity in great big moments, and Murray in this game below is playing the Alabama Crimson Tide in a championship setting and down 21 points.

In his high school career he put on a show every night with his electric play making ability. The high school game below is also in a championship game against a high octane opponent and Kyler shines like no other and seems unshaken by the moment.

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