Las Vegas Host Youth Cancer Baseball Tour 2019

Las Vegas is the spot this weekend for lots of conference tournament games in College Basketball, but also the home of the Youth Cancer Baseball Tour 2019 and its first inaugural bowling charity event hosted at The Orleans Hotel off the strip.
The organization raises funds for fighting childhood cancer and they take kids and their families State to State visiting all the MLB ball parks to see games.

The charity has a goal to reach all 30 of the major league ball parks and to do a documentary that will premiere during MLB’s 2019 All-Star week in Los Angeles.
The event is sponsored by several companies and organizations who help in the major fight against children with cancer, the likes of M nutrition,Uncle Franks foundation, Bok Bok chicken to name a few. One of the most notable charity supporters of the event is an organization called TRF which stands for the Tyler Robinson Foundation created by the Robinson family and members of the band Imagine Dragons.

The Imagine Dragons creators of the TRF Tyler Richardson Foundation

Tyler passed away from a rare cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, and the band decided to keep up his legacy in the fight against Cancer. The band has a slogan hashtag “slaycancerwithdragons” that is displayed on all of the foundations free gifts for the event which can be found on the website at
The EZ Sports Talk Radio Show on NBC sports radio am 1060 out of Arizona was in attendance to cover and support the cause, and get more insight to announce on its radio platform in Phoenix raising awareness.

The charity bowling event is organized by Greg Durfee and he has an account set up for donations at with a goal of 25,000 and about a quarter of that met.

I won!!!!!!!!

Cancer effects a lot of lives all over the world in some way or another, but it has a stronger sting when a child is one of its patients. This organization The Youth Cancer Baseball Tour is giving these children some hope, and being at a major league game gets these children and their families away from all the hospital visits, Doctor appointments, and chemo/radiation treatments for just a little time.

The funds raised by the foundation provides all of these activities at no out of pocket cost to the families, the efforts have allowed the tour to hit 15 cities and have taken over 500 kids and their families to games.

Las Vegas is known as the “sin city” but on a very busy Friday night at the bowling alley at The Orleans Hotel it was work being done by angels and all sin was pardoned for the night for this wonderful deed.

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