NFL Combine Can Suck a Team Into a Players Hype

The anticipated 2019 NFL Combine is getting closer, and will help give us a few more ingredients to mix in the stew known as the mock draft. Having about two months until draft day, there are a few events that help shape the picture. Highly anticipated events like the 40 time, and player measurements will start to make some stocks go up and others to plummet.

It really amazes me how these activities play such a large part in evaluating what a man will look like on the field, in my opinion these things don’t really tell the full story.

We have seen in the past many players that come and rip up the combine and yet cannot translate those results on the field in a live game. When these practice like activities from the combine are done in training camp, the word is that you cant tell what a player really looks like until the pads go on and the hitting begins. So how much stock should we really put in the measurable and 40 times and other skill drills during the combine? and do they really tell us or project to us the players potential on the field.

I would say not entirely. Lets face it,we have seen quarterback prospects the likes of Jarmarcus Russell measure out with arm strength and size but missing what it takes in the classroom part of being an NFL quarterback.  We have also seen athletic quarterbacks project high because of speed and mobile ability but not translate that to work consistently at the pro level because of lack of durability, RG3 comes to mind in that aspect. So with all the hype surrounding the two quarterbacks a top the 2019 draft class Dwayne Haskings and Kyler Murray, I think we should slow down this locomotive hype train because these two prospects could very well easily be the next Jamarcus and RG3.

I am one that says and will continue to evaluate these prospects by the all important eye test, the old fashion way of projecting players performance. Breaking down the tape and watching them in the heat of battle and see how they handle the most cructical moments of a game is very important in evaluating high draft pick talent. But at the same time how can we judge a man from something we can’t even see? because the ingredients that make up a prospect making it to the next level is buried inside of a man. That mystery can’t always be evaluated by drills or the eye test, in reality all you have is the test of time evaluation because only time will tell if these guys have what it takes to make it in the NFL.

No matter how many prospects come and go, some will always get overlooked and others over rated because the unknown brings risk and risk needs a little luck to help out in the evaluation process. Because just as well as those two top prospects can be the next two bust, they could also turn out to be the next MVP candidates and pro bowl caliber players.

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