Suns Make Strategic Moves For the Future

NBA trade deadline has come and gone, and Anthony Davis is still in New Orleans and the Lakers are like the bride that got left at the alter.

The Phoenix Suns trade for help at point guard but not the long term answer for there future. Suns acquire guard Tyler Johnson from the Miami Heat in exchange for forward Ryan Anderson. This move helped get rid of a player that was not producing for the team and the move can aid in the future acquiring of free agents for next year. 

Expiring contracts in trades along with the draft are the way the Suns are going to build the next great Suns team, because it is nearly impossible to get free agents to desire the Valley as their place of employment.

Tyler Johnson will play some point guard and help ease the load from star guard Devon Booker. Johnson is a very good hard nose scrappy style guard that mostly played the two guard behind Goron Dragic in Miami.

The Left handed crafty guard Johnson will make his Suns starting debut on Friday night against the defending Champion Golden State Warriors, and he will do that without getting acquainted with his new back court mate Devon Booker as he is listed day-to-day with another hamstring injury.

Hard to see Johnson fitting the timeline of the Suns future as the team will continue to pursue its coveted point guard, and perhaps they can get that guy through the draft or with the expiring contract help from this move for Johnson.

All said and done this was a great strategic move by the Suns and very calculated and gives the team something they have been lacking over the years and that leverage. 

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