Opportunity Knocked and Patrick Peterson Took Advantage

Star Corner Patrick Peterson used a big stage to make a declaration to his fans, as he took to the mic at the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament and said..

“ I just wanted to apologize for asking for that trade in the middle of the season, Im here to stay” and that was it. 

After months of the actually trade request incident, Peterson decides this was the right time to apologize to fans. Was this a sincere request or was it an attempt to repair what has been a squeaky clean image of the super star in Arizona and around the league.

The question to the fans was do you except? and the over whelming answer is of course a resounding Yes. The team has apologized in a sense by dumbing the entire coaching staff that may have caused the star player to request the trade.

New coach coming in and Patrick seems to be enthused and excited to get back to where he belongs on the field, and thats up and close to wide receivers.

Afterwards, Peterson said in an interview about how he was used in last years defense, he said he would line up off receivers and left them wondering why he was playing so far off.

In other words wide receivers were happy to see the team use the physical corner in a passive way, because the advantage was in their favor.

Patrick is smack dabb in his prime and is still atop the league as one or if not the best cover corner in the game, but the prime years are slowly ticking away and the Cards and Peterson would like to get back to contention sooner than later. 

All is good and Patrick Peterson is in Arizona to stay and props to the star cornerback to put himself on the line in public to clear the air with the fans. 

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