Patrick Peterson locks down Christmas with “Shop with a Jock”

After the teams sixth embarrassing performance of the 2018 season under new Head Coach Steve Wilks, several players took to a local Walmart in Tempe to help aid in the Patrick Peterson 21 Foundation for success. Peterson does this event every year to give a few kids a better holiday that otherwise they wouldn’t have had.

Several of the Cardinals players turned out to give 50 inner city kids a christmas shopping spree. Patrick was in the Holiday spirit even more so this year, where he usually allows each kid to have a 100.00 dollar spree but this year he was more generous and gave each kid a 200 dollar spree.

Teammates that showed to help in the event were the great humanitarian Larry Fitzgerald, Antoine Bethea, Haason reddick, Corey Peters, Tre Boston, Josh Rosen, Rodney Gunther and of course Big Red. All walked around the store with kids and helped fill their baskets with gifts, at the same time meeting and greeting fans throughout the store.

A wonderful gesture in the community and although the season is not going as well as anyone would have hoped, acts like these put a big smile on faces and help the community forget all about the reality of the state of its local team, for a few hours at least.

Photo credit: Mike Yduarte

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