Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks for 2018 Season

Fantasy football has ballooned to an all-time high, as it is almost more anticipated than the actual regular season for some. The teams are gearing up for week one’s regular-season opener, and this week is always the more difficult week to chose whom to play because there is nothing but meaningless pre-season games on tape to Gage from. There are a few guys from the signal calling position that will be sure plays and will produce no matter the opponent.

The top five fantasy quarterbacks for the season.

aTop 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks for 2018 Season

1.) Aaron Rodgers: Coming off a disappointing ending last year due to injury, look for Rodgers to be already in mid-season form. Adding to his weapons a safety net in tight end Jimmy Graham, watch the highest paid gun-slingers numbers pile up right out of the gate as he looks to prove he is the best and worth every penny of that huge contract.

Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks for 2018 Season

2.) Russell Wilson: Dealing with a team over-haul the stable and steady Wilson will continue to produce in Fantasy football. His hope is that the fountain of youth can strike veteran Brandon Marshall at least until his favorite target can get as close to 100% as he can. Doug Baldwin says his knee will be an issue all season, so that means Mr. Wilson will be running for his life and racking up fantasy points along the way. He is surprisingly durable for a small quarterback, I guess that comes from the size of his heart he plays with each game.

Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks for 2018 Season

3.) Cam Newton: A fantasy football scoring machine every year. Now trying to mature a little more by reaching out to the G.O.A.T Tom Brady for pointers, look for Newton to be high atop the fantasy list again. Without question, he needs to be smarter in how he puts his body at risk, but I guess when you’re built like a tank you can bang into a few walls every now and then. Cam is not a prolific passer yet and who knows if he will ever get there, but he is good enough to be a dual threat in running and passing. Not to mention he has an electric playmaker in Christian McCaffrey that is one screen pass away from taking one 50 plus and racking up points for Newton in the process.

Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks for 2018 Season

4.) Mathew Stafford: Here is another guy that we have been waiting to break through and win playoff games and perhaps take his team to a Super Bowl. Having all the physical tools to do so, arm strength and accuracy have never been a problem the Stafford. Decision making and a dynamic running game have eluded him, and perhaps that holds him back. But it will never hold him back from scoring on the fantasy front, as Stafford puts up close to 5,000 yards a season and has receiving weapons that add the all-important YAC to his totals every week.

Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks for 2018 Season

5) Deshaun Watson: The only reason I do not have this dynamic kid higher on the list is that he is coming off a serious injury. It can be extremely difficult to get back to the exact level or better than you were playing before the injury. Sometimes it can take up to half a season or more to build that confidence back up. The contrast to that Watson has a predator in DeAndre Hopkins that will help him regain confidence, as he is arguably the best receiver in the game when it comes to the big play. DeShaun has not lost his instinct so look for him to test that knee early and often and in the process score you consistent points in your fantasy league.

One would ask where are Brady and Brees which are atop the list like this each and every year, and I would say their teams have transitioned and they are not the same. The Saints have become a running team and yes Brees is still a good pick but his days of five touchdowns and 400 yards passing are over. As for Brady, who is he throwing it to is never been the question as he works with what he has and still comes out on top. But I think this year is the year we see a little decline in “The G.O.A.T” as I noticed in pre-season he can’t throw it as far as he used to. I saw two occasions where Brady under threw balls because of the decline of arm strength, and at 41 years old, It doesn’t matter who you are, you will not beat aging.

There are many other steady QB’s on draft boards that will be consistent, but they will not get you that 30 plus scoring like these five guys are capable of each and every week.

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