As Training Camp Gets Underway, Excitement Brews

Training camp is a chance for an NFL head coach to set the tone for a season. If you’re a new coach to the team, the importance of setting the tone dramatically increases. Now imagine being a first-time coach on a brand new team, where the world is watching to see what you will do. Enter Steve Wilks. How will he start his first day of pads? 1 on 1 tackling drills.

The tone has been set for the Steve Wilks era. They are going to play fast and physical. It all flows from the direction of the head coach. When you head coach is sprinting from the defensive practice over to the offensive practice and back, players follow that energy. Steve Wilks’ attention to detail has the team laser-focused on doing the duties that have been assigned to them. Defensively, the team looks poised and ready to have a monster year. Offensively, we were able to see the David Johnson that we are used to seeing. Not to mention, Sam Bradford is on the field throwing darts all day long. Players are loving the new energy in the building, and fans are taking notice. Hear one of our listeners, Brett Carruthers, share his opinions on what he saw from camp.

Energy like this in camp usually translates well on the field, just ask Chandler Jones:

Chandler Jones isn’t the only player having success so far in camp, we have heard of how strong David Johnson, DJ Humphries, and Budda Baker. Other notable players in camp; Trent Sherfield has flashed in the wide receiver group as well as Robert Nkemdiche on the defensive side. Steve Wilks is looking through each and every spot on this roster for weaknesses. We can rest assured that Wilks is going to go with the best 53 players he can find.

This team still has a lot of unanswered questions, but you can presume that this team is going to surprise some of the writers out there that pictured the Cardinals only winning 5 games. The organization hasn’t had this much buzz in training camp for quite some time, the true test now will be how the team can turn this buzz into results on the field.

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