Arizona Gets An Olympic Spokeswoman For Women’s Health Wellness

Kazual Sportz was on hand at the Women’s Health Wellness event, an event that allowed women all over the Valley to come and be treated like queens for a short period of time.

There are so many warrior women that just need a break from the hustle and tussle of the everyday work grind.

So many hard-working moms, wives, sisters, and girlfriends never take time for themselves and find themselves with less time to be conscious of being in great health.

The Women’s Health Wellness group went out of the way to give these women a day for themselves. The event was in Scottsdale at the Mountain Vista Medical Center and they opened the doors to the entire Valley to come and be pampered. The special day consists of facials, back, and foot massages, along with make-overs and lots of free products that just simply remind them to not forget about their health.

The biggest treat of the event was the keynote speaker of the day.

The group brought in a woman that is the model of health and wellness, US Women’s Soccer World Cup champion and Olympic Gold medalist Kristine Lilly.

The Olympian did not come empty-handed, as she brought along the historic gold and silver hardware to share with the crowd. The medals were the highlight of my day as well, having never seen one up close and in person.

I was in awe throughout the interview and honored to be in the room with one of Americas greatest athletes.

There were so many sponsors that aided in this great event including the Suns and Mercury, which featured the Phoenix Mercury dancers on hand to hype up the atmosphere.

I was very impressed as I also felt like the enemy on the front lines being almost the only gentleman in the building, but a great event for so many well deserved women that otherwise would rather spend that time giving to their own families.

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