History has been made for the Phoenix Suns

It only took 50 years! The time has finally come, a celebration for the 2nd worst season in Suns history (The top honor goes to the 1969 team who went 16-66, yikes). Suns fans around the globe are elated that lady luck has finally given them a chance to see another Suns team steal the hearts of the NBA world. They lost out in 1969 for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and again in 1987 for David Robinson (They also passed up Scottie Pippen and Reggie Miller that year). Talk about bad luck with big men!

But enough about the Suns’ past failures! The party lives on! Tuesday night was special for these fans. The doubts about #TheTimeline have all led up to this. “Was it going to pay off? Will they ever see the playoffs again?” The jury is still out on that, but the future hasn’t looked this bright in a long, long time. I’ll admit it, even I was doubting that the Suns would receive anything higher than the 4th pick this year. Chalk that up to another “I told you so” from Earl! Regardless, seeing other fans share that same joy was something special.

With the Suns’ new slogan for the 2018-19 season, #TimeToRise, there’s only one direction for these young Suns to go. Up. Which leads me to my next point, why would they use the hashtag “Time to rise” if they were only going to draft a combo guard from the EuroLeague? Yes, some fan has already changed his Wikipedia page to state that he is a Phoenix Sun, but I digress. The OBVIOUS choice here for Phoenix is none other than Deandre Ayton. The Suns need a center, a physical monster in the paint. I understand all the reasons why Luka Doncic would appear to “fit” with the Phoenix Suns, but here’s one thing that the “Doncic Train” is forgetting to realize: This league is about trends, and this player is capable of breaking the trend. For years it has been a guard driven league, do you know what would stop all the dribble penetration? A 7’1″ physical freak cutting them off. Don’t ask me, just ask Deandre where he wants to be:

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