Grading the Arizona Cardinals 2018 Draft Picks

This week was a busy one as the Cardinals set out to replenish their roster with young talent for the future. Today we will break down all of the Cardinals picks, one player at a time.

This week was a busy one as the Cardinals set out to replenish their roster with young talent for the future. Today we will break down all of the Cardinals picks, one player at a time.

Round 1: 10 overall (TRADE) – Josh Rosen (QB) UCLA

WHAT?! Nothing like going on record and saying all the reasons why I thought this wasn’t going to happen. Initially, I felt a great sense of concern for my Cardinals. “Was this truly the guy? Can the Cardinals training staff keep him healthy? What is going to happen for Bradford?” I’ve realized that none of these things matter right now. What matters is that Steve Keim and Michael Bidwill are willing to do whatever it takes to compete, all while being responsible for it. I had the weekend to process all of the Josh Rosen sound bites and press conferences that he has gone through since being drafted and I’ve come to this one conclusion: I’m pumped for this guy. The potential is endless and the poise is already there. I, along with Earl, will be very eager to see what transpires in this year’s training camp for the Quarterback room.

Also, can I just state the obvious here? What were the Raiders thinking?! They gave us Rosen for virtually a possible starter (3rd Round Pick), and a rotational guy (5th Round Pick)? Hands down, best trade of the draft.

Round 2: 47 overall – Christian Kirk (WR) Texas A&M

If someone would have told me that the Arizona Cardinals would find there desired Quarterback AND nab the hometown favorite WR prospect, I would have told you to get your head checked. But I’m sitting here on Sunday night and it’s happened. Christian Kirk is a HUGE pick for us. He’s a versatile receiver that fits perfectly into our scheme. Not to mention he will compete for the main kick/punt returner on special teams. In my opinion, the writing was on the wall for him when I saw that he was attending the Larry Fitzgerald Softball Game. Going even deeper, Christian Kirk and Josh Rosen already have chemistry, dating back to a 2014 football camp:

Round 3: 97 overall – Mason Cole (C) Michigan

I have to admit, I was really expecting a cornerback here. However, I’m not sure that there were any available in this round that jumped out at the Cardinals scouts. Instead, they opted for a very durable and versatile lineman who will provide depth and dependability down the line. Mason Cole has been noted to be a very smart and hard-nosed player, just the kind of lineman that Steve Keim loves to snatch up. Watch for Mason Cole to step in right away if there are injuries on the line.

Round 4: 134 overall – Chase Edmonds (RB) Fordham

This is an Emory Hunt exclusive! Emory Hunt was on our show on April 16th talking about how Chase Edmonds is a running back on the rise who can break off long runs. 5-foot-9 and 205lbs, Chase can be a running back that makes an impact playing behind David Johnson for a nice 1-2 punch (hear the clip). Looking through his highlights, Chase is deceptively fast and does a nice job turning the corner and burning defenses far up the field.

Round 6: 182 overall – Chris Campbell (CB) Penn State

Chris Campbell is the only, that’s right only, defensive player that the Arizona Cardinals drafted this year. The 6-foot-1, 195-pound cornerback had a solid year at Penn State and will have a chance to prove himself to be in the cornerback rotation. I like his size and has long arms, I think he will do a good job in a man coverage. I’m unsure that Campbell will beat out Brandon Williams for the starting spot, but that’s why we have training camp.

Round 7: 254 overall – Korey Cunningham (OT) Cincinnati

Korey Cunningham is certainly a big body at 6-foot-6 and 305lbs. Korey has been noted to struggle with edge rushers but has quick feet. If he can work on his strength and technique, the big Cincinnati Tackle will have a chance to further his career as a lineman.

Overall I think that the Arizona Cardinals nailed this draft in ways that most fans and analysts could have imagined. This draft for our Red Birds is getting more than local attention, it’s getting national buzz as well. Just listen to Colin Cowherd break down the Cardinals Draft:

Granted, this is just on day 1 of the draft. But if we are talking future, the Cardinals are primed and ready.

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