Arizona Cardinals Finally Get Out of the Quarterback Draft Rut

When it comes to getting that franchise quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals the last five years, the word that comes to mind is the word “rut”.  A rut means a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.

 GM Steve Kiem was recently quoted that fear was the cause of him being hesitant to take the risk to get that coveted signal-caller for the future.  This had become a habit because the team didn’t want to set itself back much like the last time the organization took a chance on a quarterback in the first round.

The Cardinal franchise has come a long way from losing seasons in the desert heat of Sun Devil Stadium but now find themselves in the average world of mediocrity.

Finishing 8-8, 7-8-1, 10-6 will always keep you drafting smack in the middle of the pack, and having to give up the farm in order to move up several spots to get the right guy at the right time.

In order to get that franchise-changing quarterback, a risk is a must and risk means aggressive moves that force change. Last year the Cardinals could have had Patrick Mahomes or Dashaun Watson but didn’t pull the trigger on making a move to beat out the competition.

To break the draft rut it takes a giant step outside of the proverbial box, and that is exactly what Steve Kiem and company have done in this year’s draft.

The Cardinals, yes, the Cardinals moved up five spots in the draft and fought off the Miami Dolphins to get their signal caller. The best part was that it didn’t cost them the farm, giving up only their 3rdand 5thround picks which is nothing compared to what other teams gave up to move up fewer spots.

The sweet words of the commissioner saying “With the 10thpick in the 2018 NFL draft the Arizona Cardinals select; Josh Rosen quarterback from UCLA”

For all the Cardinals fans everywhere, it was like a giant weight has been lifted.

That weight was the rut this team had been in for years, and now there is a great chance it’s in its last few years of using Veteran quarterback Band-Aids to stay mediocre.

Josh Rosen was said to be the best pure passer in this year’s draft, with the ability to manipulate defenses much like a Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers.

That is very high praise to live up to but Rosen seems to be very confident in his ability to become great. After being pissed that he had three quarterbacks go before him it reminded me of when a young Peyton Manning said to the Colts

“if you don’t take me first I’m gonna kick your butt for years later”.

Cardinals have their guy and the rut cycle seems to have been broken.  


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