Rumors that the Arizona Cardinals are trading up? WHAT?!

It’s just hours before the draft and the rumors are starting to swirl faster than tornado season. There are a handful of reports stating that the Arizona Cardinals are looking to trade up in the draft to pick a quarterback.

The first word coming from Ian Rapoport:

But then who would the Cardinals target? Lamar Jackson? Baker Mayfield? Josh Allen? The answer may suprise you. Mike Jurecki alludes to that possibility:

Let’s think for a second here about what this could mean for the Cardinals. Josh Rosen has definitely been in the spotlight more than the rest of the quarterbacks. That isn’t necessarily the best thing. There are concerns throughout the league that he is arrogant and might not have that “hunger” to take his game to the next level. Regardless, his talk is putting a very LARGE target on his back. NFL defenses will love nothing more than to put this soon-to-be NFL rookie in his place.

Is Rosen accurate? Yes, he had a 60% completion percentage while at UCLA. Can Josh Rosen win games for the Cardinals? Sure, given that he can distribute the ball to our proven playmakers, ie. David Johnson & Larry Fitzgerald. But can Rosen command a locker room? That’s going to be the part that makes me the most uneasy. There are going to be players on his own team that disagree with him and some of the things he puts out in the media. If he can control that, this could be a very interesting scenario for the Arizona Cardinals.

Ultimately I don’t see the Cardinals trading up for any player. They value their picks too much. Also, I don’t see Rosen falling past the 5th pick in the draft. I think there’s a team that will either go get him via trade or keeps their pick to take him. Breathe easy Cardinals fans, the draft is almost here.

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