Kazual Sportz Mock Draft To The Cardinals Pick

Mock drafts are running rapid and will meet their demise at weeks end, as all of the predictions will be disappointed by the hard truth. That is that the draft is a crapshoot and there are no true guarantees.  So with that here goes my final attempt to guess at the picks like everyone else.

First, I had to rearrange the order of the prospects from greatest to the least and that way I can be GM of each team and therefore take the best available player on the board.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, because the quarterbacks in the draft redirect the order of things, being that the quarterbacks are not even in the top 12 as the best players. In fact, I have two of them out of the top 20, but the need for a few teams will push overrated signal callers into the top 10.

Therefore dropping better talent down the board and by the time the Arizona Cardinals pick at 15, there should be some significant talent available. The question is will Steve Kiem and company get the first pick right this time.

Here is the Kazual Sportz Final mock-up to the Cardinals pick:

1.Cleveland: RB Saquon Barkley(Penn State): The Browns cannot afford to reach on another quarterback especially when they have the opportunity to get the best player in the draft. Then they can do the QB crapshoot on their next pick at 4.

2. New York Giants: DE Bradley Chubb(NC State)

3New York Jets: QB Sam Darnold(USC), Here is where the draft takes its turn from the best on the board to the big reach at quarterback.

4Cleveland: QB Josh Allen (Wyoming)

5Broncos: QB Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)

6.Colts: G Quinten Nelson(Notre Dame)

7. Buccaneers : S Darwin James (Florida State)

8Bears: DT Vita Vea (Wash)

949ers: LB Tramaine Edwards (Virgina Tech)

10Raiders: S Minkah Fitzpatrick (Alabama)

11. Dolphins: DT Da’Ron Payne (Alabama)

12Bills: QB Josh Rosen (UCLA) The Aaron Rodger drop in this years draft.

13Redskins: LB Raquon Smith(Georgia)

14.Packers: CB Denzel Ward (Ohio State)

With the 15th Pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Arizona Cardinals select: Well, the Cardinals will have choices of some pretty good players.  Lamar Jackson, Calvin Ridley, Mike Hughes, Josh Jackson, and a few others, the question is which is the best player on the board? and clearly when it comes to talent and athleticism its Louisville QB Lamar Jackson. Most of the Birdgang would love this pick but it’s been reported that Kiem and company have him lower on their board, but let’s just hope that’s another draft fib. The player that will make an instant impact would probably be a wide receiver or a corner opposite Patrick Peterson, those would be good choices, but if you want dynamic and excitement that will keep the seats filled, Lamar Jackson is that pick.

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