Whats The Next Move For Arizona Cardinals At Quarterback

When your franchise is in desperate need of a signal caller that could push the team to the next level, spending the high-cost price tag is inevitable. He who spends the most gets the most and that was certainly the case as The Washington Redskins wasted no time  aggressively trading for their real franchise quarterback.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was traded to the Washington Redskins following his last performance as a Chief in the Pro Bowl on Sunday. The Redskins are giving Smith a four-year contract extension worth $94 million with $71 of that guaranteed, and of course, parting ways with twice franchised tagged Kirk Cousins.

The teams with the most cap space don’t need to be in desperate mode, they just flex their pocket book muscles and the big time players come running. So where does that leave the true desperate teams like our Arizona Cardinals, it leave s them in scramble mode which usually results in settling.

After the highly coveted Alex Smith was snatched out from under the Cards, the answer will most likely come from the draft and go after a stop-gap guy like Sam Bradford, or Josh McCown. The draft does not have any guarantees but that mentor guy will be key to the success of the future signal caller.

The only name out there that has winning attached to his name is Teddy Bridgewater. Before his devastating knee injury, Teddy was growing by leaps and bounds, and expectations were very high coming into the season last year.

When Bridgewater was injured during practice suffering a dislocated kneecap, most of the world believed the Vikings season was all but over. That is how good he was playing and they were potential Super Bowl picks before the year began.

Can he pick up where he left off but as an Arizona Cardinal? not much being said if he is on the team’s radar but if you take away the injury he would be the top pick. He is young and could be the teams future.

Two seasons Teddy has a total of 28 touchdowns and over 6,000 yards and a rating of 86.3 and a completion rate of 64.7.

The draft prospects look to me to be more like project players that may or may not pan out, but there is evidence of what Teddy has done in this league.

Now the jury is out on if that knee is stable enough to continue his career, but his talent is without question on the special list much like Deshaun Watson.

Teddy Bridgewater will give the Cardinals offense with David Johnson a very unique element, a double threat, which would be very scary for defenses in the league. I would think this would be the cheapest risk to hold on for the next young gun to grow.

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