Arizona Cardinals James Bettcher May Not Be In The Cards For Coaching Position

After interviewing several candidates for their head coaching opening, Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwell appeared on live radio and may have mistakenly given away who is not likely to be a finalist in their coaching search.

Listen to the words of Michael Bidwell in this interview where at times he quickly corrects himself, but the words he originally spoke may have to give away a few clues that would seem to leave out a certain coach currently on the staff.

How do we know this? Well reading between the lines or simply putting two and two together and by process of elimination.

During the interview, James Bettcher was somewhat referred to when Michael said “some candidates were recommended by Bruce” referring to the coaching candidates. Well we know that ex-coach Bruce Arians would be endorsing his own, they learned under his wing and could very well keep things familiar without much reconstruction.


Michael continued to say how impressed he was with all the candidates he had interviewed but was Bettcher really among those to impress? well, hard to believe when you hear Micheal say in the interview

“I was super impressed with all these folks on paper but more impressed when meeting them in person” Well he sure can’t be referring to Bettcher because he has been part of his coaching staff the last five years and knows him very well. So meeting him in person could not refer to Bettcher, therefore two and two put together Bettcher couldn’t be one of the finalists.

Here is where Michael may have given a quick clue that Bettcher is not a serious candidate. It sounds like in this next quote he didn’t want to exclude the current coach from the group when he misspoke and quickly cleared up his first choice of words.

“Again, everybody, I mean almost everybody we are speaking to are in the playoffs,”

That’s a dead give away that James Bettcher could not be a finalist because of course simply he is not in the playoffs.

He continued… “Those coaches that are really good coaches they’re gonna generally be in the playoffs deep in the playoffs or maybe even until after the super bowl we’ll just have to see who wins these games”

The coaches that have interviewed for the Cards job that are still in the playoffs making a deep run Matt Patricia with Patriots, Pat Shurmur with Vikings and the two Eagles coaches as well.

But wow, listen to these words again, “The coaches that are really good coaches are going deep into the playoff”

This could not be referring to Bettcher being the next Head Coach, in fact, it sounded like Michael did not put Betcher even in the category of being a “really good coach” because of course, he has never lead a team as a Head Coach and more specifically not a deep playoff run this year. This points clearly that Micheal is looking for head coaching experience, that could not be James Bettcher or any other coach currently on staff.

Michael’s next words back that up. Michael said “Gonna take longer, All of these coaches are on good football teams, playing at a high level”

Is that the Cardinals and Bettcher? Couldn’t be, because Michael’s words were “playing at a high level” keyword “playing” this interview was conducted well after the season ended and again the Cardinals are not currently playing. Looks like the next coach of the Cardinals could be someone that is still playing in the current postseason.

Finally, he was asked if its important for the candidate to come here to the stadium to see facilities etc.? Michael said “yes it is, this is not a draft its an interview process in which they (candidates) will be decided too, want them to feel like they see the place and this a good fit for them too”

The facility is not new to James Bettcher, he has been under Bruce Arians for five seasons in the same facility day in and day out, I’m sure he doesn’t need to come and see the place that has been his backyard for half a decade.

After hearing this interview I had to ask myself was James Bettcher really a serious candidate or was he just a favor to the existing popular Bruce Arians. Connecting the dots when Michael said earlier that “coaches were recommended by Bruce”, this looks like a move out of respect for BA.

I don’t think the team ever had any intention to hire James Bettcher, in fact, he may not even return as the teams DC after getting the defense to the number 6 defense the last month of the season.

I like Bettcher as a DC, but it looks like the team is going to hold out for the big splash name. Because according to this interview with Michael the man he wants is still currently coaching in the playoffs.

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