Retool Or Rebuild ? Is The Question For The Arizona Cardinals

The teams that are not participating in the playoffs all have the same question to answer as an organization. Do we retool or do we rebuild? Answers usually lie in the teams’ key departures such as GM, head coach, and of course quarterback. If these positions are available then it’s highly likely that the team is in a rebuilding situation.

The Arizona Cardinals are faced with some of these challenging decisions, with the retiring of Head Coach Bruce Arians and quarterback Carson Palmer.

Also up in the air, the decision of the teams star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald who may be contemplating retirement as well. Leaving this team in a situation that could certainly look like a rebuild.

But a retool could still be in this teams future next season and that is possible should the team decide to higher the head coach from within the existing staff. For example OC

Unknown-1Harold Goodwin and DC James Betcher could both bring the element of familiarity, which would help with not having to change philosophy. Although both coaches may tweak the system to their own style, the BA system is all they know.

So the quarterback position will certainly play a big key in having to retool or rebuild. But again, familiarity can only help. Which is why it may be in the teams best interest to keep Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert on the roster, to aid in the grooming of the next young guy coming in. Both Betcher and Goodwin could very well be the answer simply because of familiarity.

The flip side to that is bringing in a new head coach and veteran quarterback then the entire team takes on the task of learning a new philosophy and scheme. Because the new coach will certainly not have the same style as the departed Bruce Arians and therefore the system changes, to what is the question. Will it be centered on the running game with David Johnson, or will it be another pass attack style coach to come in and add his own staff and quarterback to run it?


It’s hard to tell, but GM Steve Kiem knows what style he wants and which players he wants to build around. The word loyalty comes to mind with this organization, as the front office has made it possible for the great legend Larry Fitzgerald to get the opportunity to finish his career as a Cardinal. Along with the style of this teams draft room, they don’t really go after need as much as they do the best player on the board, so major revamping doesn’t look like it would be in this teams cards (no pun intended).

So look for the team to try and keep it as close as possible to where it has had its success. Steve Kiem was quoted as saying, “no risk it no biscuit will not change, we’re still going for it” and if that holds true, then in my eyes the head coaching job just may be handed to familiar hands in-house. This would certainly be a retool because the pieces on defense are set has been the number one defense in many categories the last six weeks of the season.

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