“No Risk it,No Biscuit” Causing The Cardinals In The Win Column?

In light of the events from the two previous games, the question in 2017 for the Arizona Cardinals is, Has Head Coach Bruce Arians method of “No Risk it No Biscuit” ran its course in the NFL? In a league where coaches have not always followed the usual basics of time management and field position, it’s been this way for Arians for his five years with the Cardinals.

Many of the teams biggest plays in the last five years were a result of the “No risk it, no Biscuit” mentality, and the same risk landed the team in the NFC Championship game in 2015. So why hasn’t the same methods been effective for the last two seasons? Well, Trends come and go as the league adjusts. Has the league adjusted to Arians’ chance taking throughout a game? With the latest results, one would say its been past its time, but there may be an underlining reason for it.



The results of the no risk it no biscuit style of play calling makes a coach look great when it’s working, and makes the fan base start calling for the coaches job when it’s not working. Lately, the risk style of play calling has lost games for the Cardinals as we saw versus the Texans and the previous week to the Seahawks.

When coach Arians is faced with answering the tough questions of why? He does not hesitate to put the blame on the execution of his players. But in his player’s defense, high-risk play calls should be called based on the current personnel on your team, and in the Cardinals case, they are playing with players that are backing up the players coaches trust in those situations.

For one, not having your quarterback general there to be able to check in and out of plays, not having your star running back who is a threat of the run and pass makes a deference, not having your speed receivers fully healthy couldn’t hurt, and for certain not having your best offensive linemen is essential to the outcome of a high-risk play call.

Making the decision to risk a game with backup players, in my opinion,  is a big risk when you consider that the team has been notorious for mental errors over the Bruce Arians tender.

So, has “no risk it no biscuit” run its course? The answer is until you are at full strength do not be so quick to put your faith in players that were back up players for a reason. As long as the team is losing games as a result of a failed attempt to take a risk with sub players, then yes, this style has run its course and its time to stick to the consensus style of play particularly in clock management and field position.

The lovefest for Bruce Arians and the fans is starting to get a little rocky, as the fans take to social media and voice their displeasure for the calls that are costing the team in the win column.

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