Can One Man Make A difference For The Arizona Cardinals?

For the Arizona Cardinals, the difference between last week and week six of the NFL regular season is like night and day. All due to the addition of “All-Day” pro bowl and future Hall-of-Fame running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson’s arrival has provided a jolt to a team that just six short days ago looked like they were done for the season, after an embarrassing beat down by the Eagles that dropped them under 500.

The newcomer made his Cardinal debut at the University of Phoenix Stadium against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The first four times he touched the ball resulted in 54-yards and a 27-yard touchdown run, and I don’t think anyone expected this kind of a jolt. Peterson finished the game with 26 carries for 134 yards and 2 Touchdowns, which gives him the best start of an older running back to a new team in NFL history.

Did one man make the difference? Or was it combined with the return of two key offensive linemen? And of course, the answer would be both, as you can’t have one without the other to be successful.

But the running back chooses the hole and in that regard Peterson’s veteran savvy took over as he did what he’d always done, lining up far enough from the line of scrimmage as to create a runway for takeoff effect, hitting full speed into the front line of bodies looking for a crack within a split second. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

This would not be the first time that this same heroic superstar running back has wowed the world with his amazing powers. As we all remember the remarkable season he had returning ahead of schedule by a few months from a major knee injury and turn in one of the most exciting seasons ever, hitting the 2000-yard milestone. So this is nothing new, if he can overcome those odds then being a 32-year-old running back saving a team is a piece of cake for him. If the offensive line stays healthy I don’t anticipate his pace slowing down this season. In fact, his impact has been so great that six days ago we were talking a losing season on the horizon, and now we are talking division winner and playoff hopes. I guess one superman can make a difference.

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