The Arizona Cardinals Rumored To Look At An Ex-Wow Factor Name

Veteran free agents Brandon Flowers and Tramon Williams came in for workouts and were said to look good in movement and so forth in drills, but no contracts have been offered at this time. When the die-hard football fan hears those two names it doesn’t bring the wow factor at all. Unlike the name of the third corner that has been rumored to get his proverbial tires kicked.

The media has tied Darrell Revis to the Arizona Cardinals list of potential cornerbacks, but no workouts or physicals have been scheduled. The Cardinals have not confirmed this to be true, but if it were true, then the name “Revis” would cause the wow factor in and around the league and the fan base.

Revis held down superstar status in the NFL for a number of years and is mostly remembered for the small space of turf on the football field known as “Revis Island”. Darrelle Revis’s incredible skills put him in the small group known as “shut down DB’s” and at one point early in his career, he was the leader of the club.

The name only brings the wow factor based on the past accomplishments, as the cornerback that shut down one half of the field, cannot even shut down five feet of it now. It is no secret that as you get older skills start to diminish, but it’s amazing how the respect that one has earned around the league continues to stand in his name.

When someone says the name “Revis” the first thought is the Island that came along with it. The players that were part of the shutdown club still give Revis the status of great, even after watching his season last year where he only recorded one interception and was burned for big play after big play.


I interview star cornerback Patrick Peterson and asked him how he would feel if he could play alongside Darrelle Revis, and his answer surprised me as he paid significant homage to the ex-star.


Perhaps Revis will be able to play the safety position like two “Woodson’s” in the past have done, and are now Hall-of-Famers and extended their careers in the process. Should the Redbirds bring him in or any team for that matter, it certainly will not be for the same Revis that built “Revis Island”.

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