Arizona Cardinals Do Not Panic After Not Getting Future Franchise QB

The Arizona Cardinals front office have proven themselves to be very proficient in making draft picks and continued their brilliance after not doing what the consensus says they should have done. The Redbirds did not pull the trigger on a quarterback in the 2017 draft, instead, they made moves that strengthen their defense and special team and also added some depth to their offensive line. So the question remains, why not a signal caller? The team is comfortable with having not stretched for a quarterback just because they needed one.

The Cardinals faithful can thank the Chicago Bears for sabotaging the entire draft with their jaw-dropping trade to get the number two spot, to take the player that they could have gotten staying at the number three spot. Mitchell Trubisky is nowhere near the sure star caliber player like an Andrew Luck coming out of college, so why did the Bears think they had to move one spot to take him so high in the draft, only time will tell of course.

But that surprise pick sent the entire draft into an offensive frenzy,  the teams at the top that needed defensive players went into a desperate mode and took offensive players because of how high they were projected. One can not predict what any of these prospects will be at the next level, but the performance among peers in the senior bowl, Combine numbers, health, and keeping a squeaky clean image can propel a prospect to look the part of a sure thing. Which in the Cards case this year did not come in the form of a quarterback, but instead versatile players Hassan Riddick at the 13th overall pick and Budda Baker at the 36th pick in second round.

Another reason for not taking a quarterback this year would be the same reason why it will be difficult to take one next year and that being the teams positioning in the draft. Next years draft class is projected to be full of star-caliber signal callers, but in order to get one, the Cardinals would have to be in the top 10 teams picking. Having another mediocre season or a good season will take them out of the running for a star caliber QB.

How will GM Steve Keim and company get their future franchise QB? We will have to wait and see, but the proverbial window of opportunity to land a franchise signal caller in time before Palmer is done has just gotten closer to closing.

Head Coach Bruce Arians says he doesn’t want this team to go through what they went through after the great Kurt Warner called it quits. The team was not ready and went into a five-year drought of being a winning team.

Whether by trade up in the draft next year or getting a veteran in free agency the Arizona Cardinals certainly have their work cut out for them finding their future QB. They may not be in panic mode now, but miss out next year and the word panic will be the team’s theme song.

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