Super Bowl Records Could Come Crashing Down This Sunday

There is an old cliché “records are made to be broken” and there are so many records that can potentially be broken in this year’s Super Bowl.  The Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots are both among the top scoring offenses in the league, and points should not be a problem in this game.

There are many opinions and predictions from Vegas to the television analyst around the world as to what will happen in this game, so we are no different and will chime in with our own opinion. I believe there is a possibility that a few offensively driven records could be broken in this game.

Both quarterbacks with their respective offenses could combine to break the record for total points in a Super Bowl, held by the San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers totaling 75 points in Super Bowl 29.

Should the two teams break the points record then it would be obvious one of these gunslingers could potentially break the record for passes attempted and completed. 58 attempts are the current record held by Jim Kelly and 37 completions already held by Tom Brady.

So, with someone breaking the attempts and completion record then it will be safe to think that one or both of these quarterbacks could break the total passing yards record held by Kurt Warner in the top three spots 414,377,365 respectively.

Throwing the ball means that someone is on the other end catching these attempts for all of these yards, and both of these QB’s have a favorite target that could potentially break several records. The most receptions in a super bowl are 13 held by Denver Broncos Demaryius Thomas.

The Falcons Julio Jones and Patriots Julian Edelman have moved around in their respective offenses and could easily break this record. Although the Patriots coach Bill Belichick may look to take Jones out of this game with a double team the entire game, Edelman has the chance to be the culprit to break the receptions record. The Patriots passing game doesn’t really go deep down the field that much but will methodically nitpick its way using quick throws from the slot and many other positions with Edelman. I look for him to have a big game win or lose.

Could we see the six-touchdown passing record in a super bowl by Steve Young be broken by two quarterbacks in the same game? Don’t think for one second that’s not possible with these two offenses and their respective schemes. Both these teams use the running backs in the passing game as their first down run, so look for touchdowns to running backs in the red zone.

Tom Brady holds many records in super bowls partly because he has been in so many, a result of his brilliance, the future sure Hall-of-Fame quarterback currently holds the record for most pass attempts without a pick at 48 against the New York Giants in Super Bowl 42.

First super bowl appearances are hard to overcome unless your name is Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman and a host of others. Point being that overcoming the first one is the hardest one and even some of the greats never got over the hump such as Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Fran Tarkenton, and Ken Anderson. Matt Ryan will be faced with this demon (super bowl playing experience) all game long and it can potentially be the weight that causes the Falcons to sink in this game. On the other hand, how this Falcons team is constructed, should he complete the task and win this game this could be the start of another dynasty seeing how easily this team dismantled the best the NFC had to offer. Kinda similar to Drew Brees when he faced a great(Peyton Manning) in his first super bowl and overcame it with his high octane offense.

If calm under pressure was a stat then both these quarterbacks would hold many records but as an attribute its key to these teams coming out victorious on super Sunday. Brady is as calm as it gets other than the man he idolized in Joe Montana, in fact, he reminds me of the big game Joe in his calmness under pressure.

On the other side, there is a reason for the nickname giving to Matt Ryan “Matty Ice” for his calm demeanor under pressure. Look to see which of these guys gets rattled first if at all, and if they do not, then watch the records fall.

Win or lose for either team, I believe the numbers when it’s all said and done will be unbelievable in one 60-minute football game. Look forward to this one, could be one for the ages.

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