Birdgang Avenue To Speak Coming Soon

Coming November 7th 2016 the show that allows the Bird-gang Cardinals fans to come in and speak their mind about all things Cardinals. The show is called “The Kazual Sportz Show” airing live on NBC Sports Radio AM 1060.

Hosted by Earl Burnett A.K.A Kazual_E, the show will be geared to allow the fans through social media and this website and calling in on the radio to communicate their takes about all things sports in Arizona.

The show will allow one social media follower per week to be invited on the show in the studio or by phone as a guest, according to the submission they posted being chosen by the host of the show.

The social media post can be anything about the Cardinals, a good take on the game, a cool picture, shot out, or a good diss of another team like the NFC West division.

The show is 100 percent social media based and the fans run the show.

The show starts with the host calling out which Birdgang clubs are listening, that segment called the “Birdgang Huddle” after all of the clubs are mentioned and their member that posted, the huddle gets broken by the host and the show takes off where ever the topics lead.

Come on in Birdgang and speak your mind and talk a little trash to opposing fan-base and have a good time after the games on Sunday night.

The Kazual Sportz Fan Show is for the casual fan and all fans to have a voice without being judged, you do not have to be a genius or very sports savvy just a pure fan with an opinion.

Kazual will have a guest and be giving away tickets to your favorite teams in Arizona.

So come on into the Kazual house and become a “Kazual fan” being part of one of the biggest growing fan club in the NFL the Birdgang.





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