The Arizona Cardinals Get Their General Back After Brief Scare

San Diego CA is the temporary practice home for the Arizona Cardinals training camp this week. The Cards are sharing the practice field with the San Diego Chargers, which is their pre-season game two opponent on Friday night.

Day one of the practice came with a scare from the health of Head Coach Bruce Arians, who left the field and was checked into a local San Diego hospital after complaining of severe stomach pain. Arians was then treated and admitted for the night for further observation and tests.

Later the next morning he was released and said to be fine, Coach later said ” I’m too old to not listen to my Doctors” so it was more precaution and being on the safe side. Nevertheless, the scare of the incident shook his team up as it caught most of them by surprise. ” It was very different not having him out there” defensive lineman Calais Campbell said.

But the team went on in his absence. Afterward, Arians was in good spirits and his usual calm and cool self, as the Kangol toped Coach cracked jokes at his presser following his release from the hospital.

The diagnosis has yet to be clearly disclosed but in an interview shortly after the practice the day of the incident, running back David Johnson said” I think they said something about it being a colon infection or something like that” whatever the case is it is good to know all is well with the general of the Arizona Cardinals.

This team in my humble opinion does not perform as well when key components go down, although the first year of “next man up” may have worked, it still fails to yield the finishing result the team is pushing towards. Having players like the Honey Badger go down is one thing but the general of the entire ship is another. The team will need all of their weapons to make it through a full season to have any chance to complete the task at hand. Hopefully, the Cardinals can go into December and playoffs completely healthy, if that happens I don’t see any team taking them down this year.




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