imageSuper Bowl 50 hype is making its way thru the long two weeks and getting closer to its climax on Sunday. The game has been analyzed from the inside and out by all of the media that surrounds the festivities, from players to coaches we have heard almost every scenario from all over the world. The Vegas betting scene has everything to place a bet on in this game from point spread to the gender of the child that Cam Newton will hand his first touchdown ball to. This is the spectacle called the super bowl and it gets bigger and bigger each year, all that is left is a fitting ending with a highly competitive match.

If Cam Newton wins this game in the same fashion he destroyed both teams in the playoffs, he will easily be the blueprint of how to win the big one. Although, finding a 250 pound running back playing quarterback will not be easy. The scary thing is how young he is and can only get better. There have been similar things in the past that work for a year and then the league figures it out and the blueprint fades away until the next big thing.

A few years ago quarterback Colin Kaepernick came on the scene and wowed the sports world with a similar story and we see the current end of that story.

This game may be the first super bowl that could yield an overtime session because this game features two good defenses. In the past, we have always seen the best defense against the best offense and the outcome is usually in favor of the defense. But with two great defense’s it will be very exciting to see this chess match play out. These two teams are built for an ugly knock down drag out defensive war to determine its winner. It is no secret that these two defenses can hold one another, but the two keys that will determine a winner will be the two quarterbacks and the team attitude at the beginning of the game.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will have had two more weeks to muster up enough energy in his right arm to give it one more all-out effort to lead his team to a victory and positively complete a Hall-of-Fame career. Does he have it in him is the question, as Head Coach Gary Kubiak has stated that “he looks good in practice” and also wide receiver Emanuel Sanders added “he was ripping it today” but the Broncos may not have to rely on Manning like all of his previous super bowl runs, as the defense has held down the team all year.

On the other hand, you have a beast of a man that doesn’t even appear human standing at a podium with a jersey tucked into his muscles in Panther quarterback Cam Newton. Newton appears to be unstoppable from several avenues, meaning his ability to be a pocket passer and or a runner. Newton is not a scramble first quarterback like many before him, he is a smart minded passer first and he is also like a running back running thru the tackles on set plays. That is a big difference between having a great scrambler, which makes him the focal point of the entire game.

The second key will be the attitude at the beginning of the game. Panthers appear to have the advantage. In their two previous games they have come out the gate with a smash you in the mouth attitude and intimidate the opponent, and by the time they settle down the game has been decided. It is critical for Denver to match the attitude of the Panthers in order to keep it a close game and allow the defenses to determine a winner.

Kazual Sports will not predict a winner but like any fan of the game would like to see a competitive game throughout and an exciting finish.



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